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About Us

Chimera Dragons is a creative studio based in Istanbul, Turkey. Driving force behind our passion and commitment is the excellence we thrive in our production. We work with community loved cosplayers and influencers to bring out the best products found in the market.

What We Do

  • Costume design & fabrication

  • Special effects & makeup

  • On-set props, wardrobe & makeup

  • Animatronics and electronic pieces

  • Cosplay contest judging

  • Conceptual design & development

  • Multimedia content creation

  • Event coordination

  • Costume and props for filming sets

  • Workshop and panel hosting

The Team

"The Engineer"


Dozkan , computer engineering graduate, has been involved with cosplay since 2012 and streaming since 2013. After stepping away from streaming and cosplay to graduate, he founded Chimera Dragons workshop.


Instagram: Dozkan

"The Gentleman"


Yusuf Ergün , who had undergo training for fashion design and styling, has been involved in cosplay since 2013. An experienced tailor and prop designer. In addition to being one of the few certified gentlemen in the country, he launched his own collection with his talent for fashion.


Instagram: Lochraxx

"The Model"


Lerin Kızılsu, born on 1995 in Istanbul. Mathematics and Com- puter Science graduate from Istanbul Kultur University. She's been enjoying designing and making her costumes since 2014.

Instagram: Reriyume

Clients & Brands

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